Eating is not a need but a social Pleasure

So many people love food, love the pleasure of food, and in an ideal galaxy, would love to have a lot more pleasurable foods coming through the pipeline. This makes perfect sense, as we are literally and physiologically built for pleasure. In Spanish culture, food plays a starring role both on the table and in the language. Food is as integral to Spain as its rich history, with each of Spain’s regions home to a range of unique cuisines and flavours. Many dishes are prepared today using the same cooking methods and ingredients as they were two or three hundred years ago.

Bringing Spanish food

In HOMWO as in Spain, we attach great importance to food and so we want to share with everyone. Through our kitchen stoves and food boutique shelves, we directly bring the best western cuisine and Chinese flavours all set in a Mediterranean and cosy atmosphere. We continue to expand our menu and working on more delicious dishes at affordable prices. Among the most popular and well known dishes of Spanish gastronomy: paella, spanish tortilla, gazpacho, Spa- nish desserts and many more.

Chè que Bo, our Restaurant

Chè Que Bo is a friendly expression used in our beloved Valencia province and commonly employed when eaters are happily satisfied with the meal they are enjoying.

In HOMWO our goal is to make customers feel like home. We have home kitchen offering natural and tasty meals at affordable prices. Our restaurant and coffee area are an oasis of rest and calm with smooth music, a cheerful environment to enjoy a healthy meal and a cup of tea. Just like home.

Coffee as a Culture

Coffee is one of the oldest drinks to connect itself to a social activity. The social activity of drinking together as a group is in fact it an almost uniquely human activity, drinking is essential to survival and at one point in human history the habit of drinking together has become one of the most acceptable forms of human interaction and socialization all over the world.

HOMWO wants to bring people together while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in a nice environment to relax, have a talk and enjoy life moments.

Don’t miss your Snack

Directly from the Spanish concept of ‘bar’, HOMWO offers a snack food area, a place to take a break from a pleasant shopping journey and enjoy a bite while waiting for home delivery procedures or gift-wrapping purchases. Customers can enjoy one of our specialties, fresh baked goods, gourmet sandwiches, signature burgers and much more.

Importance of Snacks

Whether served as starters, snacks or as part of a tapas feast, these products make tasty and unique appetisers.

Spanish Gastro

Figures from the European Union show that people living in Mediterranean countries like Spain can expect to live longer on average than people in other countries. The Mediterranean, particularly the Spanish, diet consists of oil, salt and fat, so how can this possibly be more healthy? According to some experts it is not the type, but the quality of the ingredients Spaniards use that makes the difference. Almost everything in Spain is organic and fresh, and products such as meat and vegetables are almost always bought from a local market that for most Spaniards, is simply a way of life.

What are Padrón Peppers?

“Pimiento de Padrón” is the popular name for the Herbón pepper. Herbón is a town in the Padrón municipality of Spain, and the peppers can hold a D.O.P. (Herbón) if they are grown and picked within 5 villages to traditional methods. Padrón peppers are tiny, green peppers. In the average plateful, the majority are sweet and mild and the odd one will be fiery hot!

Paella Valenciana

Rice to Valencians is what pasta is to Italians; an art form, a way of life. It’s not surprising that they choose to celebrate their grandest fiesta, Las Fallas, by cooking gigantic paellas in the street. Valencia is surrounded by rice fields and boasts countless amazing rice recipes, but the one dish they are truly proud of and give their name to, is Paella Valenciana. First documented in 1840, it has become their Sunday lunch, a firm family favourite.

The Paella

Spain’s most famous rice dish, paella, is named after the pan in which it is cooked whose name, in turn, is derived from patella, or knee cap, which it is thought to resemble.

This shallow pan allows the rice to cook at the right speed and the small dimples in the base help prevent it from burning.

What makes a good Gazpacho?

Gazpacho is one of only a few Spanish foods that is known and loved by aficionados all over the world.

International enthusiasm for this refreshing, delicious and nutritional tomato-based drink has gathered momentum in the last 15 years as more of us have discovered the unique attractions of Gazpacho. And, as more and more of us discover the great versatility of this food for all seasons, this enthusiasm conti- nues to grow.

The fundamentals of eating well are universal and simple: quality ingredients + a good recipe = eat well

For Gazpacho, these fundamentals are particularly important because the freshness of the ingredients and minimal “tinkering” with them in the recipe means that there is nowhere to hide if you get either wrong.

The Market

Visiting the local markets is a particular way to dive right into the culture and street life of Spain. If you want to know more of the real Spain and its people, if you like to discover new flavours and colours the best way is to enjoy its markets. In food markets, generally can be purchased fresh fruit, vegetables, Mediterranean meat and fish; some of the most famous markets are permanently installed in a building, such as the amazing market Ataranzas in Malaga, la Boqueria in Barcelona or Mercat Central in Valencia.

From Spain to your kitchen

HOMWO offers Spanish imported food in a pretty Mediterranean market atmosphere. A place to get lost among new flavours and a chance to try Iberian delicacies. Cooking works- hops and food tasting are displayed in our centres to show cus- tomers how to taste and prepare western dishes.

Try at home

Why not? Try to cook some of ours traditional but easy recipes at home.